Paper Lined Drawers Tutorial

If you were reading last week, you may remember the awesome Western paper that I showed you. Well, after a few days of waiting I will finally show you what I decided to do with it!


If you are like me, you are always trying to figure out the most efficient way to get something done. When I decided to use this sweet vintage paper that I picked up from Instant Cottage Charm to line the drawers of my Southwestern Inspired Dresser, I sort of “practiced” on the first two before it came to me. By the time I did the third drawer, I felt like I had been doing this my whole life.

Ok, enough intro. It’s Monday.

Here is what you will need:

  • Awesome paper (if you want to make this really hard on yourself, choose a really complicated pattern like I did)
  • Spray tacky
  • Exacto knife or scissors
  • Yardstick

Start with the back left of the drawer. Use your ruler to measure the depth of the drawer at the back, then cut paper to size. Your paper may or may not fit the full length of the drawer. Mine did not. You will soon see how I dealt with this. If your paper is longer than the drawer length, you will need to measure and cut to fit both depth and length.

I used my yardstick as a straightedge and cut with my Exacto, but you could also use scissors. Apply spray tacky to “wrong” side of paper, not to drawer. Also, holding the can too close will result in the glue saturating the paper and may leave marks so be sure to hold it back about 10 inches or so.


Next, measure the width of the drawer. Cut a piece of paper which will go on the left side of the drawer bottom. The pattern should match exactly if you cut a straight line. Spray and carefully put in place so pattern aligns.


Then, measure the depth of the drawer at the front. This may be a little different from the back so it is a good idea to check before cutting! This piece will actually be glued in with the pattern upside down so that the pattern will match along the edge.

After that, you can cut the pieces for the right side of the drawer following the same order, but you will need to match up the pattern to the pieces you have just glued in.

Now all that is left is the sides. You can decide if you want the pattern to line up with the bottom or the back of the drawer. I have done an example of each so you can see what I mean by that. This part may require a fair bit of matching and cutting if you have a more complex pattern, but if the pattern is relatively simple it will not take much effort.

Pattern matches back of drawer
Pattern matches bottom of drawer

I prefer it with the sides matched up to the bottom. I think it gives the drawer a more continuous appearance. Only the corners do not match, as opposed to a whole edge with the other method.

Now it’s done!!

If you try this. let me know how it works out for you! Leave a comment and link so I can check it out!

P.S. Don’t forget to recycle your paper scraps!



6 thoughts on “Paper Lined Drawers Tutorial

  1. Kerry-
    The dresser you made is wonderful! Thank you for sharing a link to your project with me and for shopping in my Etsy store. It was a joy for me to see the finished product.


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